⚠ S'il vous est déjà arrivé d'acheter des morceaux de musique chez Google Play Store, pensez à bien les télécharger car ils vont bientôt être supprimés avec le passage à Youtube Music.

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Spotitube: synchronize your Spotify collections offline with metadata and lyrics filling and automatic playlists (M3U/PLS) files creation 🎵 :spotify: :term:


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Here are 33 presets for a #Synthesizer called #Helm. You'll find the essence of #house #music in 33 #presets, including basses, plucks, pads, lead and some noise.
The presets are CC0, entirely free to use, bundle, distribute. You owe me nothing, not even credit. There is no wall, and I won't ask anything from you. It's free.

And here is the #synth:

And when you'll want to release your #music, write me a message if you want a solid #mastering.

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Just pushed some minor improvements to Music Explorer, my simple online piano to explore music theory:

I have tweaked the colours a little bit to make them more readable, and now you can specify some parameters to set initial keys, scales, and chords, like so:

If I touch the code again, I should probably make everything bigger!

#mastoart #music

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Sneak preview of a track I'll be releasing to Bandcamp tomorrow! It's a #banjo funeral march from #1865, played on a fretted banjo in concert pitch with #mellotron accompaniment. #magicianssociety #mastomusic #music #oddio #earlybanjo #musicians #recording

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🎧 J'ai écouté 🎧  Dubamix reviens en rouge et noir. Camarades. Un album de dub avec des paroles pour tous les travailleurs, toutes les travailleuses et bosseurs intersexe du monde entier. ✊ Comme un premier mai à télécharger sans flics 🌈✊.

Téléchargement libre. Livret super complet que je conseille également.

DDL : dubamix.net/albums/camarades-m

#pouetradio #tootradio #np #music #telechargement #gratuit

SINSEMILIA - Nourrissons nos cerveaux. [ feat : Guizmo (Tryo), Balik (Danakil) ]

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