Two rooms. The first room has ten people in it, and only one maverick thinker among them. The second room has a hundred people, and ten of them are maverick thinkers. Despite the equal proportion, the outcomes are vastly different. In room one the maverick can still be heard above the din of the crowd, but in room two there is so much noise that all ten mavericks are completely drowned out.

Overpopulation is not just a physical resource issue.

So glad I quit Facebook.
So sad this is a dead end of social interaction.

The same people about to be outraged over the militarized federal occupation of Chicago would be cheering if they were there to enforce mask laws.
United States of Hypocrisy

Nothing I can say right now is entirely relevant, because my indie rock heroes are being reborn like cosmic warts. The wtf is winning.

Painful to be the anti-authority minority, as the majority interests play ineffective games to uphold their identity.

Antifa are just as hypocritical as 2nd Amendment bros. Here we sit seeing the livelihood stolen from the most vulnerable, leading to years of harm ahead, and they stand with the authorities. The many for the few, and they fugkn love it.

The Orwellian Flu has illustrated that the 2nd Amendment crowd are lying, cowardly hypocrites. Our livelihoods, health and future have been compromised by the political agendas of opportunists - yet the only guns being pulled are being pulled on proletariats forced to enforce state edicts to keep their own lives intact - not on anyone with any actual power. The gun bros are performative milksops who have failed to act when it matters.

State Governors Discussing Mass Suicide To Stop Coronavirus Spread

I always figured that if fanaticism driven by tyrannical dictators occurred in Murrica it would be the far right, but thanks to the Orwellian Flu, the mainstream left beat them to it.

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